What Can Spectrum Labs Do For You?

Spectrum Labs is here to serve those in need of reliable synthetic urine and detoxing solutions! Spectrum Labs’ Quick Fix is the industry leader in synthetic urine, and we have been for over two decades! Did you know, we’ve sold more Quick Fix Plus alone than any other competitor’s fake pee combined! Trust in Spectrum Labs’ Quick Fix – you deserve the best product!

What does Spectrum Labs provide? We are a small online shop consisting of the major key items needed to help those who use detox to flush out their system for cleaner pee or need clean synthetic urine. People may want to flush their pee clean to clear toxins before joining in any activities such as pee fetish.

The same goes for the famous synthetic pee created by Spectrum Labs. Using fake urine during fetish play limits bacterial infections that may occur when using real urine. But all these products are for individuals who have a specific preference and method for using their synthetic or real pee.

This is why Spectrum Labs also provides stealthy Stash Briefs, Leg Straps, and Ankle Straps! These accessories can be used year after year thanks to their durable materials! Don’t forget extra handwarmers! Quick Fix is the only synthetic urine that is trusted to be reheated repeatedly thanks to its patented biocide formula. You can’t even tell the difference!

Quick Fix Briefs and Quick Fix Plus posing as a great pair

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Many years ago, when a team of biochemists created the Quick Fix formula, they continued to make advancements through consistent analysis and customer feedback. The ingredients of Quick Fix Synthetic were designed to mimic real human urine. The premixed solution is made up of urea, creatine, is balanced for pH, and has recently made improvements to its natural foaming action!

If you are looking for the Urine Luck batch validator, then ur in luck! Sorry, but pun opportunities should be taken… Technically, you are in luck if you were searching for the tool that allows you to validate and confirm the specific batch code number placed on each unit of Spectrum Labs Quick Fix! Try it out here! This handy tool provides information on what to do next if your batch does not match and how to look out for counterfeit products!

Another benefit to this special lot number is that it can also inform users if their batch is expired, and if users need a new one! If it is within a year of its expiration, call our customer service team, as we may be able to provide a new one at no cost!

Quick Fix is the only leading synthetic urine that provides a batch code number. Spectrum Labs cares about the dependability they provide for every customer, old and new!

Learn the instructions and more about the popular Quick Fix products right below! Each Quick Fix synthetic pee will be microwaved for 10 seconds to get the fake urine up to temperature, but more specifics are detailed below.

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix 2 Ounce (Formula 6.2)

The original Quick Fix is a synthetic urine that comes with two ounces of its premixed solution in a small bottle. Also in the Quick Fix box is a heat pad, bonus squirt cap, rubber band, and a paper of instructions with its batch code number placed on it. Sometimes referred to as “the batch code checker”, the Batch Validator lets users verify that their Quick Fix is real and not counterfeit.

Directions specifically for the Quick Fix 2 ounce begin by opening the box and taking out the contents inside. On the slip of paper inside are more instructions and the special code that users will type in to the batch validator. After verifying their batch number is correct, proceed with microwaving the 2oz bottle for 10 seconds.

The temperature strip should already be attached to the bottle. If it is black after microwaving, give it a minute to cool down. The perfect temperature for your fake urine should be between 94 and 98 degrees. How long does fake pee stay warm? It can cool down relatively quickly, so it is important to place a hand warmer on it if you don’t plan on using it in the next 15 – 30 minutes.

Luckily, the box kit contains a heat pack and rubber band to attach it simply and securely to the bottle. Another feature of the 2-ounce Quick Fix is that it includes a squirt cap along with the regular cap.

Activate the handwarmer 30 – 40 minutes prior to give it time to heat up to peak temperature.

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Plus 3 Ounce (Formula 6.3)

It’s Quick Fix, plus an ounce of premixed urine! The Quick Fix 6.3 formula will have an updated formula this 2024 and we will be sure to let everyone know when the newest and best formula is released! Quick Fix Plus also went under some reconstruction recently, package and bottle shape wise. The most popular unit switched its box container, for a flexible, durable pouch! Let us know your thoughts on the new pouch through our contact us form! The pouch is great for tucking away Quick Fix Plus in cramped areas like glove boxes, backpacks, lockers, pockets, and more!

Spectrum Labs also provides special accessories to help ease transportation of the synthetic pee. The Briefs have a built-in pocket in the front for men and women to secretly tuck their bottles inside it for discreet travel. The Quick Fix Briefs are breathable and are long lasting, so reuse them for years to come!

Spectrum Labs has a patented biocide inside the synthetic urine which prevents bacteria from growing in the solution, even after it has been opened! This is why Quick Fix is the only trusted synthetic pee to be reheated up until its expiration date of two years.

The 3-ounce bottle has a unique hour-glass shape and the “Q Clock” outlined. It may be an extra ounce, but we’ve made it easy to carry with its special shape that keeps the handwarmer snug in place with the rubber band provided!

The adhesive temperature strip should also be placed on the bottle already – please let us know if your temperature strip is not sticking. For 10 seconds in the microwave, make sure the urine is about 96 degrees.

Shake your synthetic urine before use for more realism. Get your official and iconic bottle of Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Plus here! How can you keep urine warm if you’ve already used your heat pack? Grab additional heat packs here and never run out at the worst times!

The Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Product Line by Spectrum Labs

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Pro 4-Ounce Belt Kit

Depending on your situation and preference – we have it! One of the most realistic ways to mimic urinating is using a fake urine belt kit. This prefilled bladder is a small pouch with a stretchy belt strap that connects with a strong Velcro. There is a long tube pre-attached that allows men and women to tuck it inside their pants easily for when they are ready to go! In addition, are two clamps to help prevent extra leakage!

The Quick Fix Pro kit comes in a box. The batch code number is typically found printed on the top of the box instead of on the bladder. Ten seconds is still plenty of time in the microwave. The adhesive temperature strip will be placed on the bladder. The synthetic Belt Kit includes an adhesive heat pack. Place this heat pack on the front of the bladder but do not cover the temperature strip.

After microwaving and placing the heat pack on the belt kit bladder, place it around your waist under your shirt. The strap is flexible and durable for a universal, unisex fit! Shake or jump up and down to mix up the urine and balance the heat before use. Remember to unclamp both parts of the tube when you are in a ready position to use the belt kit.

Watch Mark’s story for all the ways he likes to use his Quick Fix here!

Spectrum Labs Urine Luck Detoxifying Agent

Need some quick luck? Look for Urine Luck on UrineLuck.com! Okay that’s enough urine wordplay from me now, I promise.

Besides fetish purposes, fake pee, detoxes, powdered urines, and metabolizing solutions can help smokers trying to rid chemicals, like nicotine, out of their urine and body system. There are detox solutions you can drink and there are detox solution you cannot ever drink! A detox solution that breaks down toxic metabolites like nicotine that you CANNOT drink, is Urine Luck! That’s the real name, it’s not me sneaking in another pun. 

Urine Luck is a toxin metabolite eliminator. Ideal for heavy smokers. Just add 60-90ml of your own, real urine, mix in both vials and watch it work instantly. It’s a literal urine detox! This Urine Luck Detoxifying Agent was the original staple of Spectrum Labs as it was the first solution created by the team of scientists!

Since the 1990’s Urine Luck has been used by individuals and is still trusted today!

Spectrum Labs Quick Fix Detox Products

The best detox solutions to flush your system are listed below! Are you trying to drink a little, or a lot? Spectrum Labs carries an array of options to suit your comfortability level! We have the trusted detox options for you – these are the ones you CAN drink!

Quick Clear Detox: Flush your system fast!

You may be desperate for a quick and easy detox solution near you if you are trying to flush nicotine out of your system fast. That great detox solution is Quick Clear Detox! It can be shipped priority too.

Quick Clear Detox comes in two amazing flavors! Blueberry Acai and Tropical Fruit! These detox drinks are for those looking for a more natural approach to acquiring clean urine for pee fetishes or nicotine checks.

Here are some helpful instructions and tips for using Quick Clear Detox.

  1. Refrigerate the Quick Clear Detox drink before consuming it. (better taste)
  2. Comfortably drink 20 ounces of water. (within 15 minutes)
  3. Wait 20 minutes
  4. Shake Quick Clear Detox well and drink the entire bottle – no need to chug as fast as you can (finish within 15 minutes).
  5. Wait 20 minutes, refill the bottle with water and consume (drink the 20 ounces within 15 minutes).
  6. As part of the toxin elimination process, be sure to pee at least 2-3 times before checking to see how clear your nicotine levels are.
  7. Your urine toxin level will be lowered for up to 5 hours after consuming.

The great thing about using Spectrum Labs Detox Solutions is that they work on all weights and sizes! Many individuals have no problem drinking 60 ounces of liquid in that hour and a half period. But if you have a more sensitive or smaller stomach, the Quick Shot, mentioned next, is the perfect detox solution for you!

Spectrum Labs Quick Clear Detox Shot

This clean shot detox is a great way to clear out your system for clean urine. The Quick Shot is 2 ounces of yummy mixed berry flavors! Flush out nicotine fast with these directions and advice!

The Quick Shot Concentrate Cleanse is a single-serve drink. For best results, we recommend that before drinking Quick Shot, that users avoid all kinds of toxins for 72 hours and avoid all food for 3 hours beforehand.

  1. Shake and then drink the entire contents of the Quick Clear Shot bottle at the start of your day, and follow it with about 48 oz. of water.
  2. One hour after taking the Quick Shot and drinking your water, urinate two to three times. After this point, the Quick Shot will be fully effective for five hours.

Once Quick Shot has taken full effect, ensure you’re close to a toilet for the first few hours. You’ll need to urinate often to get the toxins out of your system. (This is why taking this in the morning is ideal.) Drink as much water as you can to flush as many toxins as possible out of your body.) It’s okay to eat, but do not consume a lot of food.

Just looking for a clean mouth to rid toxins like nicotine instead of your entire body? Spectrum Labs still has a solution for that!

Spectrum Labs Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash

The Quick Rinse mouth detox is not a typical mouth wash. This powerful solution completely detoxes your mouth of bacteria and stuck toxins, like tobacco. The cool mint flavor of the fast-acting Quick Rinse is only one ounce!

Small for easy travel, hide your Quick Rinse wherever is most convenient. Looking for some tips and tricks for your detox rinse?

To get the most out of your bottle of Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash, follow these simple steps:

  1. Avoid Toxins: For the best results, avoid toxins like alcohol and nicotine for 24 to 48 hours before using the Quick Rinse.
  2. Don’t Eat for Three Hours Before Use: Avoid all kinds of food three hours before you use the Quick Rinse. Having food within this period can diminish the detoxifying benefits of the Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash.
  3. Use it Ten Minutes Before Your Deadline: Quick Rinse starts to work after ten minutes, so time your usage to ensure freshness during the best time.

Directions on how to use Quick Rinse mouth-washing detox,

  1. Shake the Bottle: Shake the bottle a few times to evenly distribute anything that may have settled. This will ensure you’re gargling the entire product.
  2. Gargle with Half of the Bottle: Once you’ve shaken the bottle, open it and swish half of its contents. Gargle for two to three minutes, then spit. Be sure not to swallow.
  1. Repeat with the Remaining Contents: Repeat step 2 with the remaining contents.
  2. Wait Ten Minutes and Experience Results: Quick Rinse kicks in ten minutes after use. After ten minutes, your mouth will be refreshingly free of toxins and germs.

Spectrum Labs Quick Test Plus Kit

Looking to see what potential drugs or toxins may be in your pee? Some individuals purchase Quick Test Plus out of curiosity to see if their system is toxin free. Sober individuals may want to have reassurance they are doing great by seeing a clean pee sample they can perform in the privacy of their own home!

The Quick Test Plus Kit is intended for individuals looking to see if their urine triggers any detection of amphetamines, methamphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, morphine, oxycodone, and phencyclidine. This trusted Quick Drug Test Kit includes the following:

  • Two 10-panel drug tests
  • Two collection cups
  • One 3-ounce laboratory-grade control sample
  • Detailed instructions

Need extra help on how to use your at-home drug test kit? With the easy Quick Test Plus drug detection kit, you use one drug test on the control sample, which ALWAYS tests negative and the other test on the human sample. This provides an active comparison of the two tests to determine if the human sample is positive or negative.

  1. Begin the testing procedure by collecting a urine sample in the clear plastic cup provided in the kit. Pour the laboratory-grade control sample into the white plastic cup.
  2. Open one of the test kit pouches and remove the cap.
  3. Dip the paper tips into the liquid in the white cup for 10 – 15 seconds; the liquid should not touch the plastic case.
  4. Remove the cassette and replace the cap.
  5. Wait 5 minutes, then read the results.

Repeat these steps with the other test cassette and the urine sample in the clear plastic cup. The test results from the control sample will always read negative. Compare the test results on the urine and control samples to clarify the reading.


So, what can Spectrum Labs Synthetic Urine and Detoxes do for you? We provide an array of products to help users of all kinds of backgrounds, because we don’t judge here at Spectrum Labs! Whether an individual is attempting to flush out their system quickly, or use fake urine for a similar (or completely different) situations Just don’t mix up the directions, because it’s okay to drink our consumable detox products, but never drink synthetic urine or Urine Luck!

All products mentioned along with additional assistance items like heat pads and straps, are sold here on UrineLuck.com. The Spectrum Labs online shop is a technically a store near you thanks to delivery drivers!

Always get your items delivered in an inconspicuous package that doesn’t have the Spectrum Labs Quick Fix name or contents listed on it!

We hope you are more informed about the amazing options Spectrum Labs can provide for you, but please contact our customer service team for any questions or concerns!