Quick Fix Synthetic Urine 2 ounce


Just Enough. The two ounce version of our newest clean pee.

For over a decade now, Quick Fix has been the number one choice for people that need clean pee. Our world famous product was developed to have the chemical makeup of clean human urine. It’s the perfect control sample for scientific testing.

Other synthetics on the market have tried to make a quick buck by ripping off our formula. Some counterfitters have come up with similar names. Some websites have even stolen our graphics to try and make their bootleg products appear to be the real thing.

This synthetic urine kit contains 2 ounces of urine, a heat pack and everything else you need for a clean urine sample.

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Quick Fix 6.3 is NOT detectable in a Laboratory Environment

Most people don’t realize that real urine has slight variations from one person to the next. Not only is human urine different in terms of toxins. Specific gravity and PH can also be slightly different depending on the person’s diet.

For instance if you drink a good amount of fluid like cranberry juice or water, your specific gravity could be off. If you take a daily supplement that contains creatine the level of creatinine could be elevated in your urine sample.

We have a highly sophisticated manufacturing process. It allows us to produce clean formulations of Quick Fix that mimic real urine but are slightly different.

Each batch of Quick Fix is unique in chemical makeup and color. This allows for a control sample that truly mimics the random nature of real human urine. These variations make Quick Fix appear the same as real human urine in a laboratory setting.

In fact, Quick Fix fake pee is one of the most advanced and foolproof synthetic urine kits on the market. Simply heat in a microwave for 7-10 seconds. Rubber band the hand warmer on the bottle and you’re ready to go. No messing around with heat activators or doing a chemistry experiment just to get a control sample of clean pee.

Quick Fix can be reheated as many times as you need!

Some products come with a substance labeled heat activator. This heat activator isn’t some new, advanced technology that labs have never heard of before. It’s a powder that will heat up when coming in contact with water. It’s a simple chemical reaction.

Once this chemical reaction wears off, the urine goes back to normal temperature and isn’t usable again. If you need to reheat one of these products, you’re often left out in the cold.

Our Quick Fix Synthetic Urine can be reheated as many times as you need. Because Quick Fix has Biocide protection it simply doesn’t go bad due to microbial growth. Quick Fix has the longest reliable shelf life out of any fake pee on the market!

You can buy replacement heating pads from our online store and be good to go. Reheat it every day if you need to, no big deal. Quick Fix is built to be the most versatile and resilient synthetic urine on the market today.

Don’t buy counterfeit Quick Fix. We’re the manufacturer!

You run the risk of getting counterfeit Quick Fix if you choose to buy our product from a random website. We’re the manufacture of Quick Fix. We guarantee any clean pee purchased from our site to be absolutely authentic and the freshest available. We even provide a batch validator to authenticate your batch to make sure it’s legitimate.

We’re aware of some internet sites presenting themselves as the manufacture of Quick Fix. They try to confuse the end customer into purchasing from a reseller or counterfeit operation. You can rest assured that any clean pee bought from our urineluck.com site is a direct shipment from us, the manufacturer.

Validate your Quick Fix fake pee to make sure you have a fresh batch.

Because of the variation in things like specific gravity, PH, uric acid, ect, Spectrum Labs has developed a batch validator. Our batch validator is updated on a regular basis to alert customers of a batch expiring or going out of specifications.

It is absolutely important that you use the batch validator on our website only. You could end up buying expired or recalled Quick Fix. Ours is updated on a regular basis.

Quick Fix for calibration of drug testing equipment.

Our clean pee is perfect for any laboratory needing to calibrate drug testing equipment. Quick Fix is the perfect substance to get a clean baseline reading on your GC/MS drug screen. Labs all over the country have tested Quick Fix with amazing results.

Quick Fix is also a perfect control sample for instant drug test kits. These tests are sometimes cheap and inaccurate. Unfortunately, they’re commonly used in pre-employment drug testing. Using a control sample to prove your test works could be key to avoiding lawsuits from failed drug tests.

Synthetic urine is extremely important to the scientific community.

Before synthetic urine was invented, laboratories relied on control samples from humans. This process was not only problematic, it was completely disgusting. Imagine having to urinate for your boss so that he could use your urine in a scientific experiment. Talk about harsh working conditions.

In modern times, scientific research is done on synthetic urine samples. These clean pee samples are designed to mimic the characteristics of normal real urine.

Some synthetic urine on the market actually contain toxins, allowing scientists to work on samples without biological waste issues.

This product has been issued multiple patents by, and is afforded the rights and protections of, the United States Patent Office. U.S. Patent No. 7,192,776 and U.S. Patent No. 9,128,105.


Activate hand warmer prior to heating up Quick Fix® (may take 30-45 minutes for hand warmer to heat up).

Shake the Quick Fix® bottle and microwave on high for 10 seconds. The temperature strip should display a green dot in a range of 94° – 100°F. If the bottle feels warm in your hand, but is not showing a reading on the temperature strip, the synthetic urine is overheated. Simply let it cool down gradually until you see a reading on the temperature strip. If the synthetic urine temperature is below 94°, heat again in the microwave for a few more seconds until you see the green dot on the temperature strip between 94° – 100°F.

Now attach the hand warmer with tape or rubber band to the back of the bottle, opposite the temperature strip. This will provide prolonged heat, keeping the bottle temperature near 100°F for approximately five hours.

If you can’t microwave the Quick Fix®, simply attach the hand warmer to bottle at least 1 hour prior to your test. Shake bottle before and after heating and prior to pouring into cup.

If your product remains unused, it can be reheated repeatedly as needed.

Always check your batch number in the batch validation tool found on our home page before using the product. Batch numbers are found at the top of the instruction sheet inside the box. Expired products will be exchanged for retail customers at no charge.



Formula 6.3 is the current formula. Formula information is located on the box bottom below the “Contents” description. Quick Fix® products with formula numbers BELOW 6.2 should be returned to Spectrum Labs for a FREE exchange to the current formulation. See our “Exchange Policy” for details on exchanging products. This product cannot be shipped to residents of IL, KY, or NJ. UPC: 782804427497