The Official Spectrum Labs™ Batch Validator

  • All authentic Quick Fix® (2 oz. and 3 oz) will have a batch code. Quick Fix® 2 oz product will include an insert with the batch number printed on it. The Quick Fix® Plus will have the batch number on the bottle. Authentic batch codes can be searched on our batch validator to provide real time updates on batch status. If your bottle does not have a batch code on it, do not risk it! Please reach out to us immediately so we can get you a replacement.
  • Off-brand hand warmers could be another indication of a counterfeit. We did encounter some disruptions during COVID. If your batch is not valid or present and your hand warmer is not Spectrum branded. Please contact us immediately
  • If you have any concerns about your product or something does not look right, please do not hesitate to reach out. We take extraordinary steps to ensure that we provide the highest quality product

Validating is Essential

The Quick Fix® Batch Validator is essential for verifying the authenticity of Quick Fix® Synthetic Urine products. It allows you to verify the batch code on the bottle insert to get updates on the current status of the batch.

By verifying the batch code, you can ensure that you are using genuine product from Spectrum Labs™. If your bottle doesn’t have a batch code or the code is invalid, it may indicate that the product is fake.

If you encounter a counterfeit product, you must contact Spectrum Labs™ immediately to identify the fraudulent business and ensure that you continue using authentic Quick Fix products. Promptly contacting Spectrum Labs™ will help uncover fake companies and guarantee uninterrupted access to genuine Quick Fix products.

If you have any inquiries or questions, contact customer service at 800-721-1414.

The Quick Fix Batch Validator gives you the confidence that you are using a high-quality, real product.

Validating your Quick Fix®, Quick Fix® Pro Belt Kit, and Quick Fix® Plus batch with the unique, Spectrum Labs Batch Validator is crucial to ensure the authenticity and quality of your products. It provides a reliable way to verify the batch status in real-time and helps you avoid the risk of using counterfeit products.

Got Everything You Need?

Now that you know how to use your Quick Fix® products and have officially verified them, check out our new test kit!