Quick Fix® Pro Belt Kit 4 Ounce

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Our most popular product is now in a belt!

Quick Fix® Pro Belt Kit: Instant readiness with the flip of a switch. Convenient and highly effective for synthetic urine transport. Each pre-filled kit holds 4oz of fake pee and a heat pack to maintain warmth for up to 8 hours, ensuring ample supply for various needs.

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Easy to Use Synthetic Urine Belt Kit

Our convenient synthetic urine belt is the perfect way to transport Quick Fix® fake pee to your desired destination. We realize that concealing your fake pee is essential to some people, for example, during a prank or when simulating fetish-type situations with your partner.

There is no need to mess around with giant syringes or mix powder and water. Our prefilled kit includes everything you need to get up and running in just a few minutes.

Briefly heat the Quick Fix® Belt in the microwave, check the temperature strip, stick the warmer to the bag and wrap it around your waist. The fake urine will be good to go for 8 hours.

Easy to Transport

The Quick Fix® Pro Belt has a wide, elastic straps are held together by its strong velcro. Hide your fake urine belt under your shirt and tuck the tube into your pants. If you are hiding your urine belt kit under a dress, be sure to tape the tube down so it can’t move around. Our small and discreet belt kit makes walking around and using fake urine easy!

Perfectly Clean and Clear of Toxins 

Quick Fix® is the best way to go when you need a perfectly clean sample of normal human urine. It is perfectly balanced for all things that matter in normal human urine. Trusted by millions, our synthetic pee is the industry standard for clean urine.

Specific gravity determines how dilute your urine sample is in a laboratory environment. If your urine contains too much water, it will come back dilute and marked as inconclusive. The patented Quick Fix® formula is perfectly balanced for specific gravity. So, when you take your nicotine test, it will only register as conclusive.

Is your sample human? Labs will test for creatinine to determine whether the urine is from a human or animal. Don’t worry; Quick Fix® has the perfect amount of creatinine. It will always register as coming from a human being on your nicotine test.

pH is another factor in determining whether a laboratory urine sample has been tampered with or diluted. Some additives like bleach will alter the pH, flagging the sample adulterated. Every batch of fake pee we produce has the same pH as regular urine.

Biocide Protected Synthetic Urine

Spectrum Labs is the only brand with a Biocide Protected synthetic urine. Biocide allows Quick Fix® to be stored and reheated unlimited times without bacteria contaminating the sample.

Other fake urine brands use UV light to kill bacteria when filling the bottle or belt. This is a temporary solution. Suppose even one microbe of bacteria is present in your pee. In that case, the sample is rendered useless. Our biocide is what makes our synthetic urine the only reliable fake pee to reheat multiple times! All other competitors are limited to a one time use after opening and heating the urine bottle.

Manufacturer Direct Genuine Quick Fix

Buying directly from Spectrum Labs ensures you receive the freshest batch and latest formula. Online auctions like eBay or sites like Amazon offer a place for anyone with a credit card to sell products outside their home. Unfortunately, these types of sites are also breeding grounds for counterfeit products.

Our legal team actively pursues individuals who violate our patents and misuse our intellectual property. Still, it’s often a cat-and-mouse game.

It’s advised that you only buy Quick Fix® from either Spectrum Labs or our approved online retailers. We do not authorize the sale of Quick Fix on any marketplace platform such as Amazon or eBay. Spectrum Labs does not endorse sellers of Quick Fix on those platforms and may sell expired or counterfeit products.


Do not ingest. Do Not Drink. We cannot ship this product to KY, NJ, UT or outside the Continental U.S.


  1. Remove and ensure clamps remain closed to prevent any leakage.
  2. Microwave for 7-10 seconds. The temperature should rise to 100 degrees. The temperature strip should be green. If you do not see green, it was overheated. 
  3. Let cool until you see green. 
  4. Open the heating pad, shake for 5 seconds, peel off the backing and stick to the bladder on the same side as the temperature strip (do not cover). 
  5. Put on the belt with the temperature strip side facing away from the body.