Quick Rinse – Cool Mint

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Quick Rinse: Maximum-strength mouthwash for rapid detox. Eliminate germs, toxins, tobacco and other substance residues in just 10 minutes. Perfect for when you’re on the go and need a Quick Rinse!

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Fast Acting Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash

The mouth is one of the dirtiest parts of the human body; it’s where toxins and certain substances leave detectable remnants behind. While it’s essential to routinely care for your teeth to take your oral hygiene to the next level, oral detoxification is what you need. This is a task that regular mouthwash just isn’t cut out for.

Luckily, your remedy to a germ-free and toxic-free mouth is here: Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash. This all-in-one maximum-strength mouthwash cleanses and detoxifies your mouth quickly; it solves all dental hygiene emergencies.

With its maximum-strength formulation, Quick Rinse rids your mouth of germs, toxins, tobacco, and other substance residues that lead to foul breath. It rinses your mouth quickly, which is as fast as ten minutes. When you’ve got somewhere you need to be in an hour, our Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash has you covered. Get results in as little as ten minutes and experience a blissful hour of oral detoxification with Quick Rinse.

Tackles the Source of Microbes and Toxins

Many types of detoxification mouthwash rinse toxins from the mouth; this is fine, but the effects are very short-lived. These kinds of mouthwash remove toxic or microbial residue from the mouth and nothing more, causing microbes and toxins to build up again instantly. That’s because these types of mouthwash don’t remove toxins at the source.

At Spectrum Labs, we’ve learned that toxins and bacteria stay in your saliva. Spectrum Labs Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash’s maximum-strength formula eliminates toxins and bacteria in your mouth and saliva, guaranteeing you an oral detox that lasts.

Cool Mint Freshness

We’ve fortified our Quick Rinse with the most robust natural detoxification ingredients; however, we know that mouth care requires a balance of powerful formulas and palate-pleasing flavors. For this reason, we’ve flavored Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash with menthol and vegetable glycerin to give you the minty freshness you’re looking for.

At Spectrum Labs, we approach mouthwash and detoxification differently than the rest. We know that detoxification doesn’t have to be painful or awful tasting. Instead, it must be enjoyable and effective to be an integral part of someone’s oral health regimen.

Regular Mouthwash will not cut it when it comes to eliminating toxic substances like nicotine, which is why the Quick Rinse will make the best out of these particular situations to make it completely undetectable!

Detox in Ten Minutes

Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash has a unique blend of natural ingredients proven to detoxify and disinfect, including turmeric extract and organic aloe barbadense miller leaf juice. These, alongside other components, power Quick Rinse’s speedy and effective detoxification. Quick Rinse is the most effective detox mouthwash and acts the fastest.

You heard us right. With our carefully formulated Quick Rinse, you only need one bottle, two swishes, and ten minutes for quick, long-lasting detox freshness. After gargling with Quick Rinse, you’ll have a much cleaner mouth and fresh breath that lasts.

If you’ve eaten some seriously fragrant onions right before a hot date, fear not; you can rinse, swish, and get a cleaner mouth quickly with Quick Rinse – it doesn’t have to be just toxic substances.

Hour-Long Freshness

You’ll notice the results of Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash in as little as ten minutes. Beyond this point, you can expect freshness that lasts ten times longer than how long you gargled.

Because Quick Rinse deals with toxins and microbes at their source, the detox lasts much longer. You can expect an hour or more freshness after using Quick Rinse.


The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. Do not drink, only gargle/swish in your mouth and spit it out. Read the directions before using!


To get the most out of your bottle of Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash, follow these simple steps:

  1. Avoid Toxins: For the best results, avoid toxins like alcohol and nicotine for 24 to 48 hours before using the Quick Rinse.
  2. Don’t Eat for Three Hours Before Use: Avoid all kinds of food three hours before you use the Quick Rinse. Having food within this period can diminish the detoxifying benefits of the Quick Rinse Detoxifying Mouthwash.
  3. Use it Ten Minutes Before Your Deadline: Quick Rinse starts to work after ten minutes, so time your usage to ensure favorable results.
  4. Shake the Bottle: Shake the bottle a few times to evenly distribute anything that may have settled. This will ensure you’re gargling the entire product.
  5. Gargle with Half of the Bottle: Once you’ve shaken the bottle, open it and swish half of its contents. Gargle for two to three minutes, then spit. Be sure not to swallow.
  6. Repeat with the Remaining Contents: Repeat step 5 with the remaining contents.
  7. Wait Ten Minutes and Experience Results: Quick Rinse kicks in ten minutes after use. After ten minutes, your mouth will be refreshingly free of toxins and germs.