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Spectrum Labs Wins $4 Million Patent Infringement Judgment Against Dr. Greens

On March 22, 2019, a San Diego Federal Court thumped Dr. Greens by tripling a patent infringement jury verdict and awarding Spectrum Labs over $3 million in damages, interest, and attorneys’ fees. The judgment will most likely top $4,000,000 once the court has awarded attorney fees to Spectrum. In a scorching opinion, the federal judge chastised Dr. Greens and its owner, Matt Green, for not testing the Agent X product when they first received Spectrum Labs’ infringement warning and then attempting to hide the infringement.

The case involved Spectrum’s patent to its Quick Fix synthetic urine product: U.S. Patent No. 7,192,776. Dr. Greens, which sells Agent X and other competing synthetic products, responded to Spectrum’s notice by suing it in federal court in California in hopes of establishing that Agent X product did not infringe Spectrum’s patent. While Dr. Greens contended that its products did not contain any of the patented antibacterials called “biocides,” testing by Spectrum found one of the patented biocides in an Agent X sample.

After a two-week jury trial in San Diego that ended in February 2018, the jury found Agent X infringed the Spectrum patent and returned an $865,173 verdict against Dr. Greens and against Dr. Greens’ owner, Matt Green, personally. Because the jury also found that Dr. Greens willfully infringed, Spectrum asked the judge to multiply the damages and award Spectrum its attorneys’ fees. The judge granted Spectrum’s motion in its entirety earlier this month. The court ruled that the Dr. Greens’ intentional infringement, vexatious litigation conduct, and attempts to conceal the prior infringing formula all weighed in favor of the rare sanction of tripling the damages and awarding Spectrum its legal fees.

With this case now behind it, Spectrum Labs is currently evaluating claims against other synthetic urine manufacturers that potentially violate Spectrum’s patent to Quick Fix synthetic urine, and expects to move forward with patent infringement claims against those with infringing formulas. As the Dr. Greens’ case demonstrates, courts will hold infringing companies and individuals accountable for the harm caused by their infringement. Spectrum Labs manufactures various innovative products in the detox industry since 1992. Additional information about Spectrum Labs is available at its website

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