We Are More Than Just Quick Fix®

Your Go-To for Synthetics and Detoxes

Spectrum Labs has been the industry leader for synthetic urine for over 25 years! To help our customers’ range of preferences, we have expanded into providing the best detox options to fit every person’s situation.

Detoxes For Anyone!

A delicious and organic 20 oz drink to rid your body from toxins.

Simple Solutions

For individuals who may find it challenging to drink 20 oz of solution, the Quick Shot packs a powerful punch to take care of detoxing those particular metabolites just as well.

Dirty mouth? Spectrum Labs presents Quick Rinse, a minty fresh, detoxing mouthwash. Quick and easy!

Quick Fix® Always Works! *

* When used as directed, Quick Fix® will always work! Spectrum Labs has invested much time perfecting the most realistic, yet completely fake, urine! Our competitors simply do not put in the effort Spectrum Labs does when it comes to quality control. We take strict measures when checking our product throughout the manufacturing process.

To limit and prevent counterfeit, we have created a batch validating system to ensure you have the authentic and iconic, Quick Fix®. Try our other synthetic options to help maintain your lifestyle, your way!

Think you might have a counterfeit product? Check out our link below to learn more signs. To avoid the risk of obtaining fake Quick Fix completely, buy directly from the manufacturer here at urineluck.com every time!

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