Where Can I Buy Detox Mouthwash?

Quick Rinse detoxifying mouthwash for instant cleansing

Spectrum Labs is the industry leader for the best same day detox cleaners like Quick Rinse, a mouthwash for removing toxins from your mouth, and other smoke shop novelties such as Synthetic Urine are sold here. We here at Spectrum Labs know all about how to pee clean and how to have clean pee with our array of options fit for many different preferences and goals!

There are a few ways to get clean pee by detoxing your system with Spectrum Labs line of Detox Drinks or Detoxifying Mouthwashes for removing and flushing out toxins. That way, you can feel your most confident self because Spectrum Labs has detox drinks that work same day!

You can always know where to get detox drinks nearby thanks to our priority overnight delivery methods! Free standard shipping is available for carts $69 or more! You can also find “detox drinks near me” at your local smoke shop! Unfortunately, individuals in rural areas may not be close to smoke stores, so online may be the best option.

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Detoxifying Mouthwash

If you are like many of our repeat customers from Spectrum Labs, you are probably a busy, hard worker. Which is why you shouldn’t need to worry about changing the lifestyle that suits you best after a long day’s work! Don’t change your lifestyle – simply detox!

Does Quick Rinse Detox Mouthwash work? Absolutely!

Quick Rinse, a detox mouth wash for removing bad germs like nicotine and other toxic chemicals works instantly! Since it is just a minty mouth rinse that targets saliva and toxins in the mouth, it is not meant to be swallowed – which means it will not clean your pee or flush out your system. However, Spectrum Labs has the best detox products that do just that, with clear flush detox drinks to clean urine!

The detoxify mouthwash is an oral rinse that really works great and acts fast to destroy unwanted toxins! This Detox Mouth Wash has been working for individuals for years in many different scenarios. A popular reason to use Quick Rinse as a rapid detox mouthwash is to lawfully eliminate chemicals like nicotine in the user’s mouth. Minty fresh and clean for three hours!

When using a mouthwash detox like Quick Rinse, swish the first half of the bottle in your mouth for 30 seconds and spit it out. After waiting a minute, swish the last of the bottle for another 30 seconds to 1 minute. After ten minutes of the solution working against the toxic particles, your mouth will be perfectly clean for that lawful test!

Spectrum Labs has multiple reliable ways for individuals to detox, their way! All of our detox cleansing drinks and solutions work fast and work the same day! If you are looking for a nicotine detox drink, a drink to pee clean, or a pee detox to flush your system (as in a “pee clean” drink), or need an instant detox, then continue reading our blog with all of our fast-working detox drinks that will elevate your detoxification process!

Where Can I Get Detox Drinks and Where to Get Detox Drinks Near Me

Spectrum Labs has multiple choices for pee detox drinks. Urine Detox Drinks have a purpose of flushing out any sticky toxins stuck in your body that can be detected as unnatural, including chemicals like nicotine!

Quick Clear and Quick Shot are both toxin flushing drinks to get urine clean within the same day. “Pee Cleaner Drinks” are typically low risk and more natural versus using synthetic urine if it is still new to your lifestyle. This quick flush will detoxify your body throughout the process of drinking and within a few hours, you can pee out the initial toxins for a clean urine sample and after the 3rd pee, the urine will be clean all day!

Best Same Day Detox

How fast does a detox drink work? Can I detoxify my body (urine) all in the same day with? Yes! Spectrum Labs carries a few different options to detox targeted areas like the mouth, body, or urine.

There are two detox drink types here that can effectively cleanse the urine, the Quick Clear detox drink and the Quick Shot shooter!  This is for individuals to properly detox their bodies and flush their systems to get clean urine without unnatural chemicals being in it. Detox drinks are not meant for daily consumption but should be completed before engaging in certain scenarios – like pee fetish activity! This way the consenting partner has clean urine on their skin instead of a harsher toxin/chemical urine makeup. Get clean pee fast with Quick Clear and Quick Shot!

In need of an instant detox that will work but just for your mouth? Don’t forget, the Quick Rinse Mouthwash is meant to detox your saliva for three hours after use. If your intentions are to get a quick flush from your body system instead of just your mouth, Spectrum Labs’ line of full-body cleansing methods like Quick Clear Detox or Quick Shot are the optimal decision. Our long history of great flavors and customer satisfaction are not the worth risking other methods not from an industry leading brand!

Clear Flush Detox Methods

Individuals looking to pee clean or detox their systems for clean pee samples are more likely to use our fast-acting detox drinks over natural or nontraditional ways for reliability reasons. Clean pee drinks include the Quick Clear Detox and Quick Shot. The Acai Flush flavor is a fan favorite with Tropical Fruit coming in right behind it!

Other products that use detox methods are UrineLuck, however that is an additive for urine, not a body detox. Similar to how the mouthwash detox is only for the mouth, the detox drinks and clean shot are for the body/urine to flush bad toxins out of pee for the day.

The Blueberry-Acai and Tropical Flush are 20-ounce drinks to detox the body for clean urine, this way users can pee clean and feel confident for the day. Quick Clear Detox has many vitamins to helps give your body a quick energy pick-up while also clearing out toxins you may want to remove to give your body a nice refresh! This clean system drink, also known as a clean urine drink or clean pee drinks, are instant detoxes that work the same day and lasts for five hours after following the directions!

When using the 20 ounce solution, water will be also need to be consumed with it, but not as much water compared to the Quick Shot.

Does Quick Shot Work?

Also nicknamed Clean Shot, this drink used to clean urine has a powerful one ounce solution that flushes toxins out of pee quickly. The shot will need a few additional ounces of  water to help flush the body test clear. A Urine cleanse drink, or urine cleaner drink, can be found on our website or particular Smoke Shops will carry detox drinks. Typically if a smoke shop has Quick Fix in stock, they have some kind of toxin flush drinks and detox options since they can sometimes go hand in hand. Seasoned users will sometimes do a detoxing process in case they can’t use their synthetic urine in a situation. Other users who frequently use detoxes and synthetic urine may also have a preference for each situation. 

Where to get detox drinks near you? Getting a quick urine cleanse drink in a rural area may be difficult since Smoke Shops are found sparingly. This is when conveniently buying here at UrineLuck.com would come in handy. Don’t forget, we are the only industry leader that has a batch validating system for every bottle of synthetic urine we make. No other synthetic urine manufacturer has a reliable system for their customers to use at any time of day! Our reliable solutions and ingenuity to our products is what makes Spectrum Labs the industry leader for Detoxes and Synthetic Urine!


Looking for a toxin flush drink to rid chemicals out of your body so you can have clean pee? Depending on the time you have in a day to prepare may be the deciding factor for a urine cleaner drink. Both the Quick Shot and Quick Clear Detox Drink are efficient at working to detox and quickly flush toxins out of your body. The pee detox methods from Spectrum Labs are easy to complete and reliable for getting good results. Just be sure to follow the directions carefully.

Toxin flush drinks, also detox cleanses, are more common than one would think even though it’s not mainstream to discuss. Don’t feel alone when trying to decide the best option for you! You can always count on Spectrum Labs reliability – it’s up to you to find your option you like and prefer most! No need to be afraid trying new or switching methods every once in a while either!

If you have any questions or concerns about our products and how to use them, please use our chat box or contact us directly!