Setting the Standard: Our Ongoing Pursuit of the Highest Quality Synthetic Urine in the Market

Spectrum Labs has been at the forefront of the detox industry for decades. We have maintained market leadership through our continued dedication to providing the best solution.

Our product has evolved over the years from the Urine Luck additive to the Quick Fix Plus 3 oz. and is the most trusted brand on the market.

A Better Bottle for the Best Synthetic Brand

3 oz Quick Fix contents together

Spectrum Labs is dedicated to delivering the best user experience, and our commitment to innovation is a testament to why we are the most trusted synthetic pee in the industry. In line with this commitment, we are thrilled to unveil our new and improved bottle design for our flagship product, Quick Fix Plus.

This groundbreaking, patent-pending bottle shape has been carefully crafted with your comfort and convenience in mind, achieving even higher customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Grasp and Easy Hand Warmer Attachment

Our new bottle design’s slim, hourglass shape offers an improved grip, ensuring you can easily handle it. This ergonomic design allows for a more comfortable and secure grasp, minimizing the risk of accidental drops or spills. Additionally, the bottle’s shape makes it effortless to attach the hand warmer, ensuring optimal heat retention and consistent temperature during use.

Discreet Design

At Spectrum Labs, we understand the importance of discretion when enjoying all that life offers. Our new bottle design is privacy personified. By providing a more contoured appearance, the sleek and compact shape of the bottle ensures you can carry it confidently wherever you go.

Embossed Q: A Symbol of Trust and Quality

The embossed Q on our new bottle design serves a dual purpose. First, it serves as a reminder that you are using the most trusted synthetic urine on the market—Quick Fix Plus. This visual cue helps instill confidence in our customers, reaffirming our commitment to high-quality products.

Second, the embossed Q is an authentication feature, assuring you that you have received genuine Quick Fix Plus straight from the manufacturer. This added security level helps eliminate doubts or concerns regarding the product’s authenticity.

Improved Temperature Strip Placement

In response to customer feedback, we have significantly improved the placement of the temperature strip on the bottle. The ribbon is now positioned lower, ensuring easy readability even when the bottle contains only 1 ounce of fake pee. This enhancement eliminates any inconvenience or guesswork, allowing you to accurately monitor the temperature of the synthetic urine throughout the testing process.
Placing your rubber band around the cinched middle portion of the bottle makes sure your rubber band fits perfectly, will never snap, and provides excellent heating to the entirety of the bottle.

Consistency and Reliability

While we have introduced a new bottle design, we want to assure our customers that our trusted Quick Fix Plus formula remains as reliable as ever. Spectrum is constantly testing its formula to provide the best user experience possible. When used as instructed, Quick Fix will always work.
The efficacy and reliability that you have come to expect from our fake urine will not be compromised. Spectrum Labs is committed to providing high-quality synthetic urine that consistently delivers accurate results, helping you confidently navigate any scenario.

Counterfeit Prevention and Customer Support

We understand that counterfeit products can be a concern for our customers. Like our competitors, counterfeiters are knocking off our products, attempting to cash in on our hard-earned reputation, and delivering inferior products to unknowing customers.

To address this issue, we have developed the Batch Validator tool, which allows you to verify the authenticity of your Quick Fix Plus bottle. Just enter your batch, and the validator will instantly tell you the use-by date of your synthetic urine.

Contact Us
In addition, we have created a comprehensive resource on our website, “How to Catch A Counterfeit,” providing valuable information on identifying counterfeit products and taking appropriate action. Our dedicated customer service team can also assist with any questions or concerns. You can reach us at 1-800-721-1414 to ensure your experience with Spectrum Labs is seamless and worry-free.

Spectrum Labs’ commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplified by the improvements made to our Quick Fix Plus bottle design. The new and improved shape offers an enhanced grasp, easy handwarmer attachment, discreetness, and an embossed Q, symbolizing trust and authenticity.

The enhanced temperature strip placement ensures effortless temperature monitoring, while our unchanged formula guarantees consistent and reliable results. With counterfeit prevention measures and dedicated customer support, Spectrum Labs strives to provide our valued customers with a seamless and worry-free experience. Trust Spectrum Labs and choose Quick Fix Plus—the most trusted synthetic urine in the industry.