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Smarter Choice

Unisex Adult Novelty Synthetic Urine

A Revolutionary New Fake Pee

Smart Choice was created through years of research, testing and development. We have designed the Smart Choice brand to be an affordable alternative to high dollar fake pee.

It is the most economical choice in synthetic urine today. Our fake pee is designed to mimic real human urine and to be shelf stable.

Look no further. Smart Choice is the smarter choice!

Tired of synthetic urines that cost too much while providing lackluster results? Smart Choice is the absolute best value in synthetic urine today.

What makes Smart Choice the smarter choice?

  • Highly advanced, bacteria-inhibiting formula
  • Contains urea as well as other ingredients that naturally occur in urine
  • Same pH balance and specific gravity as natural human urine
  • Includes 3 oz. bottle of Smart Choice synthetic urine with temperature strip, heating pad, rubber band, flip top cap, and complete instructions.


  1. Activate heat pack according to instructions on heat pack wrapper.
  2. Remove lid & seal. Replace lid loosely & microwave for 7 – 10 seconds. Tighten lid, shake bottle again. Wait for temperature strip to activate a green dot between 94° – 100°. Tan or blue dots may appear, but only a green dot will denote the actual temperature. if the temperature strip remains black, with no visible dots, the liquid has been heated above 100°. Allow it to cool until the green dot appears between 94°-100°. Caution: Do not overheat bottle, it will melt.
  3. Use the rubber band to attach the activated heat pack to the bottle. This will maintain the temperature for up to five hours.
  4. Heat the bottle, by attaching the heat pack more 1 hour before use, if a microwave is unavailable.
  5. Shake bottle before using.


This product is not intended for unlawful use. It is not for internal use or human consumption.