Spectrum has received an increasing number of communications inquiring if they are purchasing official product from the manufacturer. These inquiries have cited several websites marketing themselves on the internet as the “official site” of Quick Fix. Some have registered website domains that include Spectrum Lab’s trademarks and have designed their sites with color schemes that mimic our brand. A few have even purchased advertisements that further imply an official association with Spectrum and the Quick Fix brand.

Effective immediately, Spectrum Labs will no longer support or warranty any products purchased from third-party online retailers that are not a part of our Authorized Reseller Program. Additionally, we cannot guarantee the legitimacy of any products purchased from sites that are not a part of our Authorized Reseller Program. The safest way to ensure you are purchasing legitimate products is to purchase directly from the manufacturer or one of our authorized resellers.

It is our belief these sites deceive consumers into thinking they are purchasing the product directly from Spectrum. Below is an actual message from a concerned customer of what appears to be a knock-off product being sent out instead of a legitimate Quick Fix. Messages such as these made it imperative that we act appropriately to ensure our customers’ experience is not negatively impacted.

Always look for the following seal when purchasing Spectrum Labs products from online retailers:

This seal ensures that you are receiving legitimate Spectrum Labs products from a reseller that complies with our program terms and conditions.

Those reselling Spectrum Labs products online that are not yet a part of our Authorized Reseller Program are encouraged to reach out via email for information on membership in this program.

Fake Product Inquiry:

Subject: I think I bought a FAKE QUICK FIX!! Fwd: batch number?

I ordered a quick fix for $27.95 with free shipping from [site name redacted] which contact says it’s located in Colorado and received this product without a box or batch number to check on your site. I email the the site and got this email back! Is this site legimate?? Can you look at this photo and tell me if I buy a fake quick fix or a real one?

fake quick fix


Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns regarding your Quick Fix product(s).

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