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Spectrum Labs Launches Authorized Reseller Program

Today, we are happy to announce the beginning of a program created, specifically, for the benefit and protection of our customers. Spectrum Labs has created the Spectrum Labs Authorized Reseller Program. This program was developed to protect the integrity of the products that our customers have depended upon for over 25 years. By only purchasing … Continued

Too Good to be true?? Then it’s probably not Good.

Everyone loves a bargain, and finding great deals often delivers a sense of great accomplishment and relief. So, when you come across an online retailer selling Quick Fix or another of Spectrum Labs’ products at a price way below your expectations your first thought might be “Jackpot”! And this is exactly the point at which … Continued

Meet Our New Batch Validator

So, you have Spectrum Labs’ Quick Fix Synthetic Urine and you’re wondering if it’s good or not. This is a common question with many Quick Fix customers, and now there’s an easy answer. Just click on the “Batch Validator” link at the top of the home page and enter the batch number to find out! … Continued

Batch Validator
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