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America’s most trusted brand of synthetic urine.

Quick Fix® synthetic urine is the brand more customers ask for by name. We hold two United States patents on the product formulation and are constantly working to improve our product. We manufacture Quick Fix right here in the USA, our packaging is printed in America, and even our hand warmers are American made. Spectrum Labs is proud to support the American economy by providing jobs and protecting employee privacy. You can be confident you’ve made the right choice when you purchase Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine directly from Spectrum Labs.Flasks

About Spectrum Labs

Spectrum Labs has been the innovation leader in the detoxification industry since 1992 when we introduced the first urine additive called Urine Luck. This patented product is a chemical additive that is poured into a urine sample and creates a chemical reaction that affects various metabolites rendering them undetectable. Over the years our labs developed other detoxification products including teas, fruit drinks, effervescent tablets, capsule supplements, filtration products, and, of course, the world’s most popular synthetic urine, Quick Fix which holds two separate United States patents.

Quick Fix has been imitated and even counterfeited over the years, and the company vigorously defends its patents and intellectual properties through legal channels. Over the years two separate incidents of counterfeiting surfaced, and in both situations Spectrum Labs identified and stopped the counterfeiters. We now have a variety of security identification measures in place to quickly and easily identify counterfeit product when it is suspected.

Today Spectrum Labs features the leading research and development lab and the best customer service team in the industry. We are the only detox company to receive patents for both additives and synthetic urines. We’ve streamlined our detox product offerings to Quick Fix, Quick Fix Plus, and Urine Luck. Our products are sold all over the world, helping millions of people protect their privacy and peace of mind.